22. April 2020

ISSN 2699-8084

Citation method in scientific texts


The LEGAL REVOLUTIONary is cited in many scientific papers. Each article is available as a PDF file with margin numbers and consecutive page numbering. We recommend, for example, the following citation method:


Hartung, Legal Tech – ein Ordnungsruf, LR 2019, 106 (107).
Jensen, „Abfindungsinkasso“ durch Legal Tech, LR 2020, 17 (18).


Each article in the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary contains a suggested citation in the footer of the PDF document.


The contributions can be shared via social media.


How to cite in the Wikipedia


The Wikipedia has its own rules of citation. For example, a document from the LEGAL REVOLUTIONary in Wikipedia looks like this:

Tom Braegelmann: Das Digitale in der Justiz. (PDF) In: www.LEGAL-REVOLUTIONary.com. 2018-01-02, S. 4-9, abgerufen am 20. April 2020.


Wir empfehlen folgende Zitierweise:


In the VisualEditor (for this you have to click on "Edit" and not on "Edit source code") click on "Assign", "Manual", "Website" and enter the first name and surname of the author under "Author(s)", under "URL" the URL of the PDF version of the article, under "Title" the title of the article, under "Work/Website" www. LEGAL-REVOLUTIONary.com, under "Date" enter the date of publication of the article in the format YYYY-MM-DD ( for example: 2020-01-31), under "Date of Access" enter the date the article was accessed, and under "Add More Information" click "Page" to enter the page numbers of the article.1












1Vgl. https://www.wikipedia.de/.