With over 15 years of international experience in the education industry, I am an English Language Teacher and a proud graduate of English Literature from Queen Mary University of London. My career is distinguished by extensive expertise in applying Technical English across diverse sectors including railway, military, business, legal, and international trade. As a dedicated dyslexia and AI advocate, I have developed and championed inclusive educational practices and innovative applications of AI.

I founded STEAI-001, an initiative aimed at standardizing technical language to enhance clarity and efficiency in AI-driven systems across various industries. My role extends into designing courses and developing curricula that integrate Technical English effectively into professional training and development programs. This work supports my commitment to making educational tools accessible and practical for all users.

Join me at the Legal Revolution Conference to explore how STEAI-001 is transforming legal education and professional development, making complex legal and technical language comprehensible and accessible, thereby revolutionizing how we interact with modern technology in professional environments.