"How do people grow beyond themselves, reach out to each other and build courageously and creatively build bridges to a future fit for grandchildren?"
This question moves Dr. Yana Heussen, a neuropsychologist with a doctorate and former consultant and founder of the Wise Impact Lab, a consultancy for courageous and for courageous and humane leadership culture. As an expert in leadership, Yana and her team support consulting firms like Deloitte, fast-growing "it" companies such as Kleinanzeigen and Europe's leading leading international law firm Noerr in their cultural transformation towards a strong strong, human and courageous cooperation with high performance.
She is a certified "Search inside yourself" trainer, a leadership training program for emotional intelligence developed and tested at Google, which she has been piloting at Deutsche Bahn since 2020. She is also co-founder of the Human-Centered Leadership Circle, which is part of the Liquid Legal Institute (LLI), a think tank for legal transformatio
Dr. Yana Heussen also shares her experience in keynotes, as a lecturer at universities and in book chapters. Most recently in "Führen im digitalen Kontext" (2023), published in "Handbuch Digitale Rechtsabteilung", Steinbrecher & Breidenbach, Beck Verlag. Yana's empathy and passion motivate many people.
"Walk the talk" and being authentically "Yana" are particularly important to her. That sounds easy, but it's not. Because it involves saying "no" and having difficult conversations. The Mexico City-born Berliner draws strength from her morning routine of meditation, yoga and spending time with her loved ones in nature.