I, Franziska Lietz, have been a lawyer specializing in energy, climate, and environmental law since 2012, advising energy-intensive SMEs to DAX-listed companies on compliance issues, as well as green and impact startups, real estate funds, data centers, and renewable energy producers. I spent three years as the CEO of RGC Manager GmbH & Co. KG, a provider of a compliance tool for the energy-intensive industry, where I gained extensive experience in IT outsourcing in various destinations. In 2021 and 2023, together with my co-founders Florian Apel, Raviteja Sannagiri, and Prof. Dr. Kai Gent, I established Omnics Technologies Pvt. Ltd (India) and BitKollegen GmbH, focusing on sustainable and social IT outsourcing. Our focus is on promoting sustainable globalization, diversity, reducing specific pay gaps and transparency for the benefit of employees and customers.