Lena O'Brien

Since August 2023, I have been the Legal Operations Manager at Symrise AG. Previously, I worked at CMS and gained experience in consumer protection law firms. My focus is on the internal and external consulting of digitalization projects. I specialize in process and project management, particularly in the digitalization of legal departments. My academic background includes a degree in Business Law (LL.B.) and I am currently studying part-time in the LL.M. Legal Tech program. Since December 2023, I have also been serving as a board member of eLegal e.V.

"In the rapidly expanding field of law, particularly in legal tech, the need for professionals with expertise beyond traditional legal knowledge is becoming increasingly apparent. As the landscape evolves, we require individuals who can navigate this broader terrain, bringing interdisciplinary skills to the forefront. Therefore, it is imperative to broaden the legal culture, welcoming not only holders of bachelor's and master's degrees in law but also individuals from diverse educational backgrounds. They can uniquely contribute to and enrich the evolution of legal (tech)."