Ute Bolz-Fischer M.A., owner of Law & Voice, is a voice trainer, singer and musicologist. She works as a voice coach for lawyers and in-house counsel. She recognized very early on how the soft skill "voice" is far too underestimated as a career factor, especially among lawyers: The voice is the acoustic calling card and the expression of personality. The voice has become even more important as a result of the digital way of working that has now become established. In her training program, she works with tones and singing. This is the best method, as it lowers the larynx and thus opens up the resonance chambers, making the sound of the voice stronger and more voluminous in the long term. Ute Bolz-Fischer has designed a training course for partners, counsels and associates on the partner track in law firms and for in-house lawyers on their way to becoming managers. Her work aims to strengthen the voices of her coachees and promote resilience.