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Agenda 2019 (will be updated continuously)


Discussion Panels

Justiz Panel (in German)
Status quo of electronic legal relations and perspectives of digital justice
(Status quo des elektronischen Rechtsverkehrs und Perspektiven einer digitalen Justiz)

Tobias Freudenberg | Chief Editor | NJW | Moderator
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Gaier | Judge for the Federal Constitutional Court (ret.) | Judge for the Federal Court of Justice (ret.)
Stefanie Otte | President | Appellate Court Celle
Dr. Andrea Schmidt | President | Regional Court Munich I
Dr. Stefanie Killinger | President | Administrative Court Göttingen

General Counsel Panel (in English)
Change Management

Nora Teuwsen | General Counsel, Head of Compliance | SBB AG
Michaela Kay | Managing Director, Head of Contracts, Legal Affairs and Commercial Management CEI Region | Bombardier Transportation Gmbh
Dr. Christian Ries | General Counsel, Global Senior Vice President | HelloFresh SE

Chief Compliance Officer Panel (in English)
EJudgment of Chief Compliance Officers: Better compliance through digitization and software?
(Das eJudiz der Chief Compliance Officer: Mehr und bessere Compliance dank Digitalisierung und Software?) [GER]

Tom Braegelmann | Rechtsanwalt, Attorney and Counsellor at Law, New York | Moderator
Kinga Frater | Chief Compliance Officer | gategroup Holding AG
Dr. Thomas Kreuder | Senior Vice President Legal, IP Management & Compliance | Evonik Industries AG
Giovanni Cerutti | General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer | NTT Data EMEA

Ernst & Young Panel (in English)

Digitisation study in legal education (in English)
Study presentation, award ceremony and Panel

Tianyu Yuan | Founder, Managing Director | LEX superior GmbH

Legal Tech Hub Vienna Panel (in English)

German student initiative on Legal Tech (in English)


Speeches and Lectures / Use Cases

Economic Crime and Cybercrime (in German)
Konstantinos Passialis
Chief Prosecutor | Attorney General's Office Hessia
Georg Ungefuk
Chief Prosecutor | Attorney General's Office Hessia

Fair or Efficient? Legal Principles for Value Distribution in the Digital Age (in English)
PD Dr. Martin Fries
Private lecturer | School of Law, University of Munich (LMU)

Substantive legal questions for the digital economy (in German)
Prof. Dr. Martin Ebers
CEO | Rechtswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Künstliche Intelligenz und Robotik e.V. / Robotics & AI Law Society (RAILS) e.V. | Professor of IT Law, University of Tartu

Digitalized Property. The Token Challenge (in English)
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Omlor
Director | Institute for the Law of Digitalization, University of Marburg

Smart Village and Embedded Law (in English)
Dr. Petra Arends-Paltzer
Founder, Davos Digital Forum (Dauthers-and-Son GmbH) | Woman of Legal Tech 2018

Digital Corporate Finance: Civil Society and Capital Markets Treatment of Initial Offerings
(Digitale Unternehmensfinanzierung: Zivil- gesellschafts- und kapitalmarktrechtliche Behandlung von Initial Offerings) (in German)

Prof. Dr. Caspar Behme
Professor of civil law, Associate Professor | University of Leipzig

SOLIA 2019, State of legal innovation in the Asia Pacific (in English)
Anton Pronin
Head of LegalTech | Skolkovo Innovation Center

Decision automation in law (Entscheidungsautomatisierung im Recht) [in Englisch]
Tianyu Yuan
University of Heidelberg

N.N. (in English)
Dr. Geertje Tutschka
President, International Coach Federation Germany e. V. | Owner, CLP Tutschka Ges.b.R.

Learn from a liberal market: What already works in Russia and can be transferred to Central Europe (in English)
Holger Zscheyge
Managing Director | Infotropic Media

Development and implementation of a compliance management system in a medium-sized company (in English)
Tom D. Woodson
Chief Compliance Officer | s.Oliver Goup

Legal Text Analytics - Challenges and Pitfalls (in English)
Prof. Dr. Michael Gertz
Managing Director | Institute of Computer Science, University of Heidelberg



Georg Eisenreich (in German)
Minister of Justice | Free State of Bavaria

Eva Kühne-Hörmann (in German)
Minister of Justice | Hessia

Dr. Jochen Brandhoff (in English)
Managing Director | LEGAL ®EVOLUTION GmbH




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