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Willkommen bei den Young Professionals!

Kommunikationsstark setzen sich die Young Professionals für den Fortschritt und die digitale Transformation im Rechts- und Copmliance-Wesen ein.

Als Mitglieder des Kommunikationsrates der LEGAL REVOLUTION fördern sie den Zugang der Rechts- und Compliance-Welt zur LEGAL REVOLUTION und die Stärkung der Beziehungen innerhalb der LEGAL REVOLUTION Community. Damit leisten sie einen wesentlichen Beitrag zur Weiterentwicklung der LEGAL REVOLUTION zur ersten Weltleitmesse für Recht und Compliance und tragen zur Festigung Europas als führender Rechtsstandort bei.

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Die Beiräte

Claudia Brosche

Senior Legal Counsel,

"Digitalization is the key to a modern, easily accessible, and functional judiciary. Young lawyers play a crucial role in bringing about this change."

Philipp Hilpert

Law Student and Board Member, eLegal e.V.

"The legal market is undergoing change. With the steady increase in digitalization and the development of artificial intelligence, the next generation of lawyers is facing new challenges. To be prepared for these, the young generation themselves need to take action. There need to be appropriate offerings that are open to young aspiring lawyers. The Legal Revolution represents one of these offerings, allowing them to inform themselves about the legal market of tomorrow and to network with relevant stakeholders in the market."

Lea-Katharina Schröder

Research Assistant,
Luther Law Firm

"To keep the legal market future-proof, innovation and inclusion cannot be overlooked. For me, innovation means being able to change perspectives in order to develop solutions that lead to a simple and sustainable access to justice and that actually work. It is time to look beyond the traditional legal horizon - for this, interdisciplinary approaches around legal innovation are inevitable."

Lukas Pagel

Founder and CEO,
Justin Legal

"The advancing digitalization and the shortage of skilled workers are leading to a gap between legal institutions that can invest in digitalization and those that are left behind. This can result in a limitation of access to justice for the general population. I am convinced that cost-effective digitalization measures such as LegalTech can help to strengthen access to justice for all and make the judiciary future-proof."

Alexander Gröger

Legal Tech Product Manager,

"Legal Tech now offers innovative and digital solutions. The targeted use of a Contract Lifecycle Management platform can create added value in companies and enable more effective working methods and automations. Especially the central access to knowledge and documents, possibilities for standardization, and global reporting are made possible by modern technologies and Legal Tech. Develop a clear strategy now and prepare your company for the future."

Eva-Maria Pottkämper, Mag. Iur.

Research Assistant,
Cologne Research Center for Media Law

"Was everything better in the past? I see it differently. Especially in the legal industry, we must look forward and I will support this with all my strength. Legal Revolution is already an established platform for professionals, technology experts, and visionaries, promoting the lively exchange of ideas and proven methods. Nevertheless, in my role as a new board member and thus as a bridge builder between tradition and innovation, I will do everything in my power to continuously improve and expand this platform."

Steffen Kootz

Founder and Advisory Board,

"Digitization is changing the legal industry. However, aspiring lawyers are not yet sufficiently prepared for these changes during their training. Both at universities and during legal clerkship, there are too few opportunities to engage with this future-oriented topic. I would like to use the platform of the Legal Revolution to promote knowledge exchange across locations and to create better coordinated – preferably low-threshold – entry-level offers."

Alicia Urban

Head of Lab,
Legal Tech Lab

"Law is more today than it used to be! Today, law & legal services are also viewed from the perspectives of legal engineering and legal operations. This interdisciplinary approach not only makes the law better, but also opens up completely new life and career paths."

Su Reiter

Expert in Content Marketing,
Reiter Media

"In Germany, the legal sector remains largely reserved when it comes to topics like marketing and remote work. Yet, it will not be spared from the digital transformation. Even more so: The legal sector can benefit from this change and shed its dusty image. Nowadays, people seeking advice turn to search engines like Google first. More and more people work flexibly and remotely. The legal sector must change – and that's exactly where I come in as a Board Member at Legal Revolution."

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