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Coaching Sessions


The individual and group coaching sessions for LEGAL ®EVOLUTION 2019 are currently being planned. Since we are still in exchange with different coaches, our coaching offers are constantly being expanded. All coaching sessions are in English.

Individual Coaching Sessions 2019:

  • Transformational Leadership – Agile Leadership Behavior in the VUKA World (New)
  • Innovation-Coaching - When the Status Quo is Change (New)
  • Talent Development 4.0 - Finding and Tying the Right People (New)
  • Leadership for Lawyers - With Strategic Career Development to Success (New)
  • Top Performance on Call - Mental Strength for Lawyers (New)
  • Legal Project Management - Elevate your performance and keep your Law Firm on track (New)
  • Law & Voice  - Voice Formation for Lawyers (New)
  • Position Yourself by Building Trust on Social Media to Attract New Clients (New)
  • Personal Branding for Lawyers - Become an Even More Trusted Advisor to Your Clients (New)
  • The Executive as Peer Mediator - The Conflicting Double Role of the Executive (New)
  • Leadership Coaching in Confidence - Advantages in Times of Change (New)
  • Legal Tech - Innovation, Product Development, Project Management, and Selling (New)
  • Strategic Business Development - How to Reach the Next Level of Success (New)
  • Successful Acquisition - Unlock and Strengthen your Acquisition Potential (New)
  • Mindfulness Leadership - Confidence and Balance in the Hectic Everyday Life of Lawyers (New)

Group Coaching Sessions 2019:

  • Group Coaching for Seasoned Executives - Learning Together and From Each Other (New)

Individual Coaching Sessions


Group Coaching Sessions

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