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Due to the current Corona Pandemic, there are time delays, we ask for your understanding. Soon you will find new contents here. We are looking forward seeing you at LEGAL REVOLUTION!

The workshops and coaching sessions for LEGAL REVOLUTION 2020 are currently being planned. Since we are still in exchange with different coaches, our workshop offers are continuously extended. All workshops are in English.


Workshops 2019:

  • Legal World Café (New)
  • NegotiCHECK® Light: Get a Feedback on your Negotiation Performance (New)
  • Innovation can be Learned with (Legal) Design Thinking (New)
  • Google Design Sprint for Legals - Lightening Decision Jam (New)
  • Introduction to Legal Project Management: Structuring and Visualisation Towards a Successful Legal Matter Management (New)
  • Risk and Stakeholder Management in Legal Project Management - Advanced (New)
  • Leadership 4.0 in Legal Departments & Law Firms (New)
  • Digital Profiling and Scoring of Judges and the Judicial System (New)
  • Transparent Control of Business Processes: Business Process Management (BPM) as a Useful Tool for Quality in the Legal Department (New)
  • Become the Authority: 3 Unexpected Steps to Stand out, Expand Your Reach & Grow Your Practice (New)
  • Conflict Management in an Agile Environment - A System Which Embraces Conflicts (New)
  • The Female Leadership Disadvantage: Insights from Africa (New)
  • Rigid Leaders Breed Idle Teams: How to Move Beyond Narrow-Minded Leadership (New)


Partner 2019

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Workshop Leader 2020


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