Call for Papers
Apply by 20. February 2024

Call for Papers
Apply by 20. February 2024

Call for Papers
Apply by 20. February 2024

Call for Papers
Apply by 20. February 2024

Call for Papers
Apply by 20. February 2024

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Preamble and Background

Are you passionately shaping the future of the legal industry? Are you familiar with the trends, challenges, and opportunities in the realms of law and compliance, legal innovation, change management, AI, or legal tech? Share your unique perspective and practical experience to shape LEGAL REVOLUTION 2024.

This year, LEGAL REVOLUTION promises to be even more innovative, groundbreaking, and internationally-focused. We welcome applications in English, and offer a new international track. We are particularly interested in practical exchanges and contributions that showcase how the legal sector can enhance its service to clients and citizens, addressing both best practices and unresolved challenges.

In collaboration with NürnbergMesse, NCC WEST, we have access to over four conference rooms for presentations and workshops, along with the main stage, totalling over 40 speaker slots.

Please note that papers with a promotional element will not be accepted. For these contributions, please refer to the Sponsored Lectures option.

Target Audience

Our audience includes:

  • Service and product providers as well as publishers
  • Executives, decision-makers, and managers
  • Lawyers, staff, and professionals from law firms, legal and IT departments
  • Investors
  • Legal tech start-ups and companies
  • Students and researchers
  • Judges and civil servants

Key Themes

Key topics for this year include:

  • Artificial Intelligence: opportunities, challenges, and case studies
  • Digitalisation and automation
  • Legal tech and legal innovation in companies, law firms, administration, and courts
  • (Legal) Compliance
  • Digital legal services and legal access(ability)
  • Legal training, diversity, and internationalisation
  • Data analytics and quality management
  • Legal (tech) start-ups and enterprises
  • Change Management and legal (tech/innovation) strategy
  • Legal (tech/innovation) trends, nationally and globally
  • HR, consulting, and services
  • Best practices in legal tech and legal innovation


Please send your proposal to in the following format:

  • Title of the contribution
  • Abstract with a maximum of 200 words
  • Short bio without a photo
  • Desired time length of the contribution with possible flexibility, e.g., 20-30 minutes
  • Target audience of the contribution: "For All" or I = Beginner, II = Intermediate, III = Expert or other description
  • Format, e.g., panel discussion, interactive workshop, dialogue, presentation, or other
  • Language: English (preferred) or German (possible)

Evaluation Criteria

The selection of contributions will be carried out by the LEGAL REVOLUTION Board taking into consideration the following criteria:

  • Relevance to Conference Themes: The extent to which the proposal addresses key themes such as artificial intelligence, digitalisation, legal tech, compliance, and other relevant topics outlined in the CfP.
  • Innovation and Practicality: The novelty and innovativeness of the proposed content as well as the practical applicability of the ideas or solutions presented in real-world legal scenarios.
  • Alignment with Industry Trends: Demonstration of a clear understanding of current trends, challenges, and opportunities within the legal and compliance landscape.
  • Quality of Content and Research: The depth and quality of research and/or experience supporting the proposal as well as the clarity and coherence of the proposal itself.
  • Diversity, Inclusivity, and Internationalisation: The overall programme should address the varied needs and interests of the LEGAL REVOLUTION audience.
  • Adherence to Submission Guidelines and Avoidance of Promotional Elements: Compliance with the submission format, including the title, abstract, bio, presentation timeframe, target audience, format, and language specifications.

Submission Deadline

Submissions received by February 20, 2024, will be collectively evaluated. Later submissions can only be considered if last-minute speaker slots are available. Submissions received by February 20, 2024, will receive feedback by mid-March.


Speakers will receive 2 complimentary tickets in the professional category to LEGAL REVOLUTION 2024 for both days of the event. This includes all-day drinks and hot and cold food.

Let's Get Started!

Don't miss the chance to be part of this groundbreaking event and shape it with your contribution! We look forward to your submission - preferably by February 20, 2024 – to Think about what you can contribute and plan a presentation, panel discussion, or something entirely different to make this event truly unique. Apply now and let's revolutionise the legal industry together! We are eagerly anticipating your participation.

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